NVME SSD or SATA 2,5 for PC build?

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Yup, here's a comparison for lightroom

Morris0 wrote:

johnnyandedgar wrote:

"My question is about the actual performance, under regular PC work, no gaming. Will there be BIG difference, in terms of speed and reliability in the "real world", between installed SATA 2'5 SSD and installed NVME SSD?"

I have used NVME SSD's now for two years without issue. They do provide a performance



Judge with your own eyes. There are many more video's and reviews that show the small difference.



That's consistent with what Puget found in their benchmarks:


For most of the tasks we tested, there was minimal difference between having your Lightroom files on a single platter drive versus a SSD, NVMe, or even spread across multiple drives. There was a number of times where one configuration or another was a few percent faster, but there were only two instances where the performance difference was large and consistent enough for us to draw any meaning from:

Convert RAW to DNG

Export to JPEG

For these tasks, we found that it was important to have the catalog, previews, and camera RAW cache located on an SSD. Whether the source images themselves were on an SSD or a platter drive did not appear to make all that much of a difference, but having the catalog, preview, and cache files on an SSD allowed us to convert RAW images to DNG about 2% faster and export images about 7-8% faster. Upgrading to an even faster NVMe did not further improve performance very much, however.

2% is not a very big difference, and even the 7-8% improvement we saw when exporting may not be a big deal if you already group your exports to run overnight or during lunch breaks. However, if you are looking to get the best performance possible out of Lightroom it is a good idea to keep all your catalog files (which by default is the same location for the previews) and your camera RAW cache on an SSD if possible.

The detailed benchmark results are here:


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