NVME SSD or SATA 2,5 for PC build?

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Re: NVME SSD or SATA 2,5 for PC build?

Ron Zamir wrote:

Ron Zamir wrote:

Hi. Just a beginner question - My first ever build PC based on AMMD Ryzen 2400G on an Asrock B450 motherboard. I have collected most of the parts but case. I bought the Samaung Evo 860 2,5 Sata SSD. This PC is not for gaming just office and Photoshop and some basic video editing. Saw some review, very impressed with the Kingston A2000. Does it make sense to sell the Samsung SSD and get the Kingston or other NVME SSD? Will I notice any improvement, speed difference and reliability?

The thread went a bit out of my original post. I am aware of the technical aspects of installing internal and external SSD's.

My question is about the actual performance, under regular PC work, no gaming. Will there be BIG difference, in terms of speed and reliability in the "real world", between installed SATA 2'5 SSD and installed NVME SSD?

Short answer: no

The difference will be noticeable in some areas, but basically you're talking the difference between fast and really fast.

That said, I have set up my PC's with an SSD (NVME) boot drive, and a second, working SSD drive.   I've got an older one with a SATA SSD as a working drive, and newer one with NMVE.    I don't really notice a difference, though the newer PC is a bit faster overall than the older one anyway.  I don't do back-to-back comparisons as the new one replaced the older one, and the older one sits as a spare.

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