Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

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Re: Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

Dweeble wrote:

Thanks everyone, remembered a pal had offered me a tablet will work with phone for basic culling and mobile uploading, so looks like the laptop idea goes in favour of a cheap PC upgrade.

I use an iPad quite successfully when travelling.

Have done some digging and the PC's CPU was basically archaic when new so is actually doing pretty well btu motherboard is ay too feeble to upgrade.

Just for interest sake, what are the specs. of your old PC?

My brain gets fried by how far I should upgrade.....some say i5, others i7...and it seems even these vary wildy by generation. Looks like NVME cards are even better than that right?

Even for an old hand, there's a bewildering variety of CPUs. In addition to Intel, there's AMD Ryzen to consider.

How do I tell if a PC can be upgraded to take these? I'm guessing tacking on HDD storage by USB is pretty easy...

Most older computers will have SATA (serial) connection for hard drives, and the earlier generation of SATA SSDs will still be a worthwhile upgrade (SATA SSDs are usually packaged to look like small HDDs). NVMe.M2 cards are SSDs that use a faster interface. The faster varieties of USB can be used for expansion, more usually as a backup option. If your older PC can only support USB2, forget about that option.

So...give me a minimium spec I should be shopping for!

Difficult, considering the financial constraints.

I recently bought a general-purpose computer for around USD$1500 (without monitor).

  • i7-10700
  • 16Gb RAM
  • 512Gb SSD NVMe.M2
  • 1Tb HDD
  • 1650-S Video

It does an excellent job for office applications, web, games, photo stuff, although the SSD/HDD storage is perhaps rather under spec. for intensive photo processing. Gear-heads would no doubt recommend at least doubling the performance/capacity of each listed component, but for my needs, that would be a waste of money.

Humble apologies for being a total novice numpty.

You seem to be asking the right questions.

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