Photo Management and Organizing

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Photo Management and Organizing

Hi Everyone,

1st im happy to find this community, seems that i have a lot to learn from you guys.

as a normal human being, i have ALOT of photo files, the problem is that they are divided by few places and are not organized or backupd at all.

I have decided to take care of it.

I have red a lot online and in this community and seems that i have a structure to this project in my mind but i still have a few questions.

currently. my photos are in google drive, photos. dropbox and on my laptop hard disk.

after hours of searching online, i fond that software Mylio that seems to be good to my for the organization and Lightroom for editing.

  1. does anyone have experience with this Mylio software and can recommend or recommend any other software for the organizing of the files?
    I have some concerns about it because it was so hard to find.
  2. GooglePhoto has all the data of my photos, but when i do TakeOut to these albums, i doesn't let me pull the Geodata to the exif, is there any solution for that?
  3. I really like google photo search engine, i there any chance to use auto keyword tool to tag all my files automatically ? i found some online but the keywords they gave my files was low level.
    or should i just upload all the photos to GP after i finish just to have the ability to use their search angine, and keep my original so i can find by date (after looking at GP in the AI search for cats for example)
  4. should i buy an external hard drive for that backup? (currently i work on my 5 y.o. laptop)
  5. how should i mange my files locations?

* i have no money. seriously. i dont mind to spend like 150$ if you say its crucial but i rather not to.

** i dont want to annual subscribe to anything.

*** i dont want to work with Google photos because they only save unlimited files when got let them reduce file size and qulity (i dont want to pay them, i dont mind them to keep my compressed files), thats nice to have on my phone so i dont need to waste storage on it.

**** English is not my native language, so if anything was not clear, i will be happy to explain.

thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

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