Am i misremembering things or did Godox make a device that tilts the R2 transmitter?

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Re: Am i misremembering things or did Godox make a device that tilts the R2 transmitter?

tugwilson wrote:

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Colin Creevey wrote:

Out of interest what is your use case for this?

1) Photographing with the camera at eyelevel when it’s on a tripod.

2) photographing products when the camera is tripod mounted and pointing downward.

in other words, anytime when the camera is in a fixed position and the display on my R2 Pro is difficult to see.

An option in those cases is to put the on camera trigger in APP mode and use a second, hand held trigger to change the settings.

Second option if you have a bluetooth equipped trigger is to use the smartphone app.

And Bluetooth works great! Both my Godox triggers (FlashPoint R2 ProII and Godox X2T) have Bluetooth and I downloaded the smartphone app months ago. But never used it and then forgot about it. Just colour me stoopid.

So today I gave it a go. I just switched everything on, selected the channel number, and it all sprang to life like magic. Sweet. Total control of everything, instantly. And in effect, I have a colour touch-screen trigger in the palm of my hand. Highly recommended.

The FlashPoint R2 ProII also comes highly recommended. It's actually completely different to the similar-looking R2 Pro (Godox XPro), it has more functions* than any other Godox trigger, and a redesigned user-interface for less menu-diving. It's exclusive to Adorama in the US and although they will ship internationally, this does add significantly to the cost.

*eg Bluetooth, direct-access buttons for key features, TCM for converting TTL settings to manual, sync-delay for optimising HSS and HyperSync, back-lit buttons, independent group firing, double-tap group on/off, same price as R2 Pro (Godox XPro) trigger.

Robert Hall's review

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