GPU USELESS For Lightroom Classic!

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Re: GPU USELESS For Lightroom Classic!

Batdude wrote:

skyglider wrote:

  1. Disable Win10 search indexing (I hate that it slows stuff down. I always disable windows search indexing period.)

I just checked and search indexing looks completely clean. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure if you actually disabled Win10 search indexing. Here's the procedure:

  1. Press the windows key + r
  2. Enter into the run text box: services.msc
  3. Scroll down to "Windows search"
    1. Does it show "Disabled"?
  4. If not, right click "Windows search" and click properties
  5. Change "Startup type" to disabled.
  6. Click OK.

Disabling windows search indexing is a personal choice. Some say it's not necessary with a fast CPU. Others say it helps with slow CPUs or using SSD. I found that while indexing is going on it slows down my PC so I always disable it.

Plus when I used to have windows search enabled, I saw where a windows search did not find a file that I knew was on my drive. I switched to the free "Agent ransack" program and it found the file. Agent Ransack does not do indexing so its search takes longer but it is 100% reliable. My windows "no find" search was a long time ago so I don't know if Win10's search is 100% reliable now (probably is). But IMO why have windows search indexing slowing down my PC when I want my PC to run at optimum speed all the time. I don't do searches enough to make search indexing worth it.

Mileage will vary,

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