Shooting text with Canon PowerShot SX620HS?

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Re: Shooting text with Canon PowerShot SX620HS?

Brad Allen wrote:

But here's my question: did I get the wrong camera? Are there more settings I could do on this camera to get text to come out better? Is there a way I can fine tune the focus? I looked at the manual, and can't see anywhere where it explains how to manually focus.

I don't want to use a scanner since I will be processing about 100,000 pages and I cannot wait for a scanner (that would take years). A camera is definitely the right way to go for this project. But I need a camera that works well with text.

If you aren't already aware of it, you might want to check out which has a lot of information on this kind of thing, including using powershots.

You can use CHDK ( on your sx620 for automation and additional control.

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