Have you noticed that you can connect your phone to the R5 while it’s turned off?

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Re: Are you sure?

Dan-Z wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

I can connect my phone to the camera via the ever-active BT connection if the camera is is sleep mode, not when it is off, via the On/Off button.

If you can wake it via BT when it is actually off-off, it is news to me and I would like to know how you've achieved it, configuration-wise.

In my case, when it is actually off-off, although the BT symbol is visible in the camera's LCD, the app still shows a request to turn the camera on.


Hmm, pretty sure I just used the default configurations, but I've only trued using the app to view images while the camera is off. Is this what you tested? And I'm not sure if that mode uses Bluetooth or Wifi. It's a cool feature, because it lets me browse my photos without even having to remove my camera from my camera bag. But as much as I like it, I'd like the option to have it turn off when the camera is off to save on battery life.

But is your On/Off button physically "Off" when you wake the the camera via BT, the way you described?


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