How Olympus Tricked Me, and why I let it go.

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Re: How Olympus Tricked Me, and why I let it go.

rogerstpierre wrote:

Jan Chelminski wrote:

The best m4/3 lenses even sharpen at the edges, well past 50MP at peak settings. So it’s ....

But its really beyond what most need,--

It is not what most need that drives camera/lens design, it's what most want. Why do you think FF is getting to be most popular? Arguably a huge percentage of the FF market do not NEED FF.

Most of the mFT market doesn't 'need' mFT. But markets of non-necessities like cameras aren't about 'need', they are about 'want'. And the fact remains that if camera manufacturers want to charge $1k + for their cameras, as they need to in todays market conditions, then an FF sensor is the most effective way to convince enough buyers to pay that much.

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