M43 HR mode vs high MP FF vs MF

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M43 HR mode vs high MP FF vs MF

Hi everyone!

It is a topic that has probably been discussed on the forum before, and I imagine it can be a heated subject at times... I want to start off by making it clear that it isn’t my intention nor my interest to get into the format war thingy. So it would be very much appreciated if we could avoid that!

I’m a very happy EM1 X shooter and I’m slowly getting more seriously into landscape photography. The EM1X HR & HHHR modes provide very satisfying output for landscape photography I find, but there are things bugging me around while using the HR modes. Those things being :

- processing time > sometimes clouds move quite a lot between shots while doing bracketing. I wish Olympus (by which I mean JIP...) could offer a desktop processing or even better, in camera post processing for the creation of those HR files afterwards to avoid having the camera locked for 10/15 sec in the field.

- no focus bracketing > could probably be fixed if we get rid of the processing lock out

- no exposure bracketing > could probably be fixed if we get rid of the processing lock out

- no timelapse function > could probably be fixed if we get rid of the processing lock out

- artifacts from moving subjects when not using slow shutter speeds > can be overcome to some extend by up scaling the lower res file to the size of the HR one with Topaz Gigapixel and make a composite of the 2 images. But that’s not ideal considering the processing time of Gigapixel + the additional PP work involved, especially if you want to do panorama + focus bracketing + exp bracketing.

If they can fix those issues, it would truly make the system even more appealing I believe.

Because of those shortcomings, I’m considering complementing the m43 system with a larger format for landscape photography.

I’d really like to test and process RAW files from a challenging (high DR) real life scene like a landscape at sunset for example, from a Olympus HR mode, a Sony A7R4 and a Fuji GFX 50 or Hasselblad X1D to see how much of a difference it would make with my workflow. I sadly didn’t succeed to find such files. If any of you could point to a website where i could find that or if someone owning an EM1 X / mark III and one or more of the cameras above would be kind enough to share the RAW files of the same scene, that would be awesome. I’m not asking for an award winning picture of course, juste challenging outdoor conditions.

Here I could still manage to make a quick test with the DPreview test scene that I will share with you. It might be helpful to some of you who are in the same situation than I am.

All pictures are developed with DXO Photolab 4 standard profile, lens correction, smart lighting +25, highlight -50, shadows +80, NR disabled

For the EM1 X HR file I added 2 additional versions. One with Topaz Sharpen AI (stabilize mode, sharpen +20, NR 0), and one down scaled to 50MP with Topaz Gigapixel AI (Man-Made mode, NR 0, Remove Blur +80).

all exported as jpeg quality 95.

I also did the test with the Fuji GFX 100 but for some reason couldn’t upload it from my iPad, many the file is to big to handle... I’ll try to post it later when I have access to my computer.

From what I can see from those files, they are all pretty close. The canon R5 being a little “less good” than the others but it’s lower MP so that seems logic. The Fuji seems very slightly better in the noise department and the A7r4 might have a very tiny bit more details but it’s all extremely close. The Oly HR doesn’t have the moiré the others have and is very similar in detail when sharpened with topaz software, it also has slightly more chromatic noise in some areas but since I didn’t apply any NR, topaz softwares also sharpened the noise. Also even though I applied the same settings, the EM1X is a little brighter which doesn’t help the noise. The GFX 100 being the clear winner on all fronts, truly impressive!

In the end, the HR mode is quite impressive! When processed correctly it seems to be able to play with the big guys given the right scene and circumstances. Now obviously the big guys don’t suffer from the downsides expressed at the beginning of the thread, and I’m not even talking about using them in HR mode!!!

so now the question I need to answer for myself is, am I ready to give up the convenient part of m43 for the convenient part of the bigger format? Also, does the investment justify the gain?

I’d like to hear your experiences.




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