How do you think, when lighting?

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Re: How do you think, when lighting?

jlafferty wrote:

What a lovely thought prompt. I recall your thread on creating daylight in studio - probably one of the best threads here, ever. Let’s hope this reaches similar heights

I find it interesting that there is so little talk about the actual work in lighting in here. Feels like 99% is about how cheap Godox is, but there's still a ton of photographers out there who actually work (despite the noninteresting brand). Photography and lighting are craftmanship, and there are so many interesting aspects to discuss, learn, and be inspired by others... But here we are again! Trying to change focus again towards craftsmanship!

Two things spring to mind for me:

I’m a far more intuitive lighter now. I lead with feelings and follow with technique. This has been an uphill battle but I feel I’m finally there, and emphasis on feel. A lot of it is considering what light suits the subject and feels parallel to intent and going from there.

Apparently, Im not a native English speaker and love to learn phrases like "parallel to intent", because that the core of my workflow - but I explain it in 5 times longer scentences :). Thanks for that one.

What would you say, if possible, was the key that unlocked you to "finally be there"? If I understand you correctly, and draw a parallel to my own journey - when the theory on light became an instinct instead of theory, that's when I got unlocked. To use a overused phrase: I unleashed my creative wings.

In my case, it's a lot like painting (even though I suck at painting) - I see and feel, and act on that feeling of what is needed to be done within this 2 dimensional frame we call picture. With the risk of really sounding pathetic - sometimes (when Im really into it) I actually feel that I am "inside" the flat image-space, but can float back and forth in three dimensions. Actually four dimensions. In/out, left/right, up/down, and in time. The image it self is a 2 dimensional freezed left/right, up/down frame frozen in the third dimension - time. When creating an image, we float in two more dimensions (but just in one direction in time though). And there I lost it. Hah. Christopher Nolan - where are you when we need you to create a deep movie on photography?

The other thing I’d say is, similar to you, and borrowing a phrase from cinematography, I light spaces, then faces. I’ll often put paper up and adjust ISO, lighting, v flats, to get an even representation of the tone I want it to present. With that in place I’ll then fly the key light in and adjust to taste.

Never heard "light spaces, then faces" before! Thats a beautiful way to put it. I searched and found that Danny Gervitz (great Youtuber!) have said that some where. I also found another quote I loved: "create environments and just happen to place people in them". That's exactly the feeling I'm after.

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