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FingerPainter wrote:

While I agree with your comments about quality of sensor output, there is a lot more that goes into getting a good shot than the quality of the sensor output.


The D7500 has significantly better focusing and metering than the D610, and a better JPEG engine too.

The D610 jpeg engine is actually pretty good, but I don't use it for JPEG, in fact i never use jpeg.

The D7500 has more advanced AF- fine tune, a faster shutter, a faster x-sync, a faster frame rate and deeper buffer. Compare also the bracketing and WB options. The D7500 is smaller and lighter and has a tilt screen to facilitate shooting from unusual positions.

Did I say that I LOVE my D7500! it is indeed a pocket rocket.
The lack of twin card slots is a pain though, and the cheaper build quality (it has the same strap mounts as my D5100 for example)

In short, with a D7500, you are more likely to get the shot. With the D610, if you do get the shot, it will have less noisiness and more DR.

For action photography and birding the D7500 is awesome. In saying that, today I was shooting motorcycle street races, I had the tamron 150-600 on both cameras at various times and the D610 focus hit rate was equal to the 7500 all be it at a lower frame rate.
I do prefer the D7500 for that use, but i wouldn't hesitate to use the D610 either.
The output of the 610 was better due to superior subject isolation at full telephoto, that actually made quite a difference to some shots.
Regardless of all this, my rationale is to have a two camera kit where you can get the best of both worlds. My D610 is now my astro/landscape/portrait camera and my D7500 is telephoto/birding/action or just grab and go all-rounder.
A few years ago it wasn't a good idea to do this if you were on a budget (FX cameras were too expensive) but now as time rolls on things have changed.

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