Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

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Re: Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

Dweeble wrote:

Taking that onboard, although I have a feeling adding a new PC with a newer CPU would make more sense than tinkering with this one. So, how low can I go and still get a decent improvement?

I like darktable, but more for improving than for the initial conversion, I much prefer the way Nx-D does that. I'm very undisciplined in my workflow, dot in and out and play to see what works best for a particular image.....Rawtherapee is amazing too, the power and sophistication of these things! And all for free....but very easy to do the kid in a candy store thign and over-cook it all!

A Linux PC purely for photo work appeals, but an earlier poster warned agin!

It would all be much easier if I felt like spending sensible money!

A half TB (500GB) SSD costs as little as $50. You did not say what size HDD you've got now, nor if you have space for a second drive.

Darktable is really fast for Raw conversion, if you don't do noise reduction. I have no trouble equalling Nikon out-of-camera JPEG, which is what I assume NX-D does.

It's impossible to buy a good photographic laptop (new) for under $1500 now. If you can use an external monitor, that might save you about $500 on high-end 100% sRGB screen.

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