Olympus should use APS-C sensors

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Photato wrote:

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Photato wrote:

Given that m4/3 is the smaller of ILC, they have a competitive advantage in going first with full image circle coverage.

That requieres slightly larger square sensors.

There are multiple benefits with FIC, I’d even say this is a revolutionary change for Photo/Video.

The only drawback is the small price hike for the bigger sensor.

Most people can’t get their head around this concept, but once it takes off, nobody would want a crop camera anymore.

I predict Smartphones would be the ones to embrace FIC first but there is nothing stopping m43 from doing it.

Bravo (the audience breaks out into wild cheers). I've basically wanted to see this concept for years regardless of the format being used.

I'd give it about a one in a million chance of ever happening though. m43 just isn't prevalent enough in he market to warrant the investment. Besides having a totally new sensor made you'd have to make adjustments to the IBIS systems to handle the bigger/heavier sensor.

The basic concept is sound (and could be applied to m43, APSC or FF lenses) but m43 is in no position to pull something like this off. Maybe 5 years ago it had a chance, but not now. .

If a little chinese company called Insta360 can do it, so can the m43 alliance.

All you need is a Square sensor big enough to cover the 22.5mm image circle, such sensor is still smaller than full cropped frame and all your existing m4e lenses work with this

I've been toting the oversized square sensor for years. But I don't see much sense in covering the whole image circle, that gives only a very small advantage at the most extreme aspect ratios such as 2:1 and beyond + requires quite a bit of mostly redundant pixels and sensor area. My idea of an ideal size is somewhere between 17.3 and 20mm squared. You should at least be able to shoot 4:3 like before and all taller aspects without loss. With about 19mm you'd get lossless 3:2 as well. With 20mm 2:1.

This ancient crop system is wasting 40% of lens real state that can be put to better use.

Haven't checked the percentage but otherwise agree 100%.

It made sense for expensive film, and later for expensive sensors, but now it does not make sense continuing with this inefficient practice.


One aspect that would be dramatic improvements is the readiness to take a picture since most of the time is consumed by the photographer leveling and framing the shot before hitting the trigger. This would make more of a difference than having a faster AF system.

It is like shooting Raw for Composition, you crop later to fit the scene or the target medium.
For video it helps with roll correction, not to mention effortless and instant portrait shots.

I can go on and on.

This needs to happen if they want to keep selling gear.

Start with premium models then make it standard for all bodies in the long term.

Like you I don’t expect FIC coming from any of these Japanese very conservative corporations. There is no technology or commercialization hurdle I can see here.

Most likely FIC would appear first in Smartphones, not from Apple or Samsung but from a chinese manufacturer, later to be emulated by Apple then finally the dedicated camera brands.

Dreaming is nice but I am willing to compromise and forego the advantages of the square if I can just get a sensor that gives me 1:1-4:3/3:2/2:1 (whichever they are willing to provide) without wasting image circle so I'd be fine with a rectangular oversized sensor 15mm high. It so happens that Canon's latest M sensor is 14.9x22.3mm and has 33 MP which gives about 22MP within the M43 frame so just about perfect. Now if we could just get Canon + Pan and/or JIP together for some business talks:-)

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