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Shunda777 wrote:

erv60 wrote:

Not much need for FF for amateur purposes IMO

I've got the D7500 and love it, but it doesn't produce files anywhere near as good as full frame.
Once the argument went along the lines that is was better to invest in good glass for your DX than pay a small fortune for a new full frame body, and that was certainly true in the past.

But now with the price of a used D600/610 in great condition being around the same price as a new D5600 body, things have changed somewhat.
I got a D610 with only 2900 shots on the shutter for NZ$850 ($567USD), the sensor output is as good as any of the later full frame Nikons. Pair that up with the tokina 100mm 2.8 macro and you've got an awesome set up for flowers, macro and a perfect portrait capability to boot.

If someone is after the best image quality for their money it is a very compelling option to consider.

While I agree with your comments about quality of sensor output, there is a lot more that goes into getting a good shot than the quality of the sensor output. The D7500 has significantly better focusing and metering than the D610, and a better JPEG engine too. The D7500 has more advanced AF- fine tune, a faster shutter, a faster x-sync,  a faster frame rate and deeper buffer.  Compare also the bracketing and WB options. The D7500 is smaller and lighter and has a tilt screen to facilitate shooting from unusual positions.

In short, with a D7500, you are more likely to get the shot. With the D610, if you do get the shot, it will have less noisiness and more DR.

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