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Beg to differ. Saying "doesn't produce files anywhere as good as full frame" is just plain misleading and wrong. I own a D7500 and many full frame bodies and the D7500's files are very similar.

"near as good as"... is by definition subjective. How valid it is depends to a large extent on practical use. No perfect camera.

Back when I shot exclusively with DX bodies I lusted after a "noise free" full frame body. After I'd bought a D600 and saw that, indeed, it had noise as well, DxO numbers notwithstanding, I got a bit disillusioned.

Fast forward to today where I shoot mostly with my D850 for work (at ISO 400 or below), my D610 is my car camera at home and my D7500 goes with me as my snapshot camera on work trips: I've seen all of these in action.

I want good IQ, just like the next guy, but as you say, Mako2011, it's all about practical use. After shooting with my D7500 a ton, I began taking it instead of my D6xx cameras along with me on my work trips. I'd found no "practical" difference between them. The slight difference in dynamic range means nearly nothing, the noise levels difference between my D7500 and my D6xx cameras was practically negligible, DxO numbers notwithstanding.


You could probably see a difference between the D5100 and the D610 but I don't see any between my D7500 and my D610.  Of course, the next guy might say the D610 is "clearly better"  than the d7500 

Check out the higher ISO images I uploaded here a few replies ago from my D7500. My full frame cameras would have looked the same (I know this, I've done the comparison).

I can't bump up my D6xx cameras farther than ISO 3200 and not have the images start falling apart. And I trust the AF on my D7500 more.

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