How do you think, when lighting?

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Much information to digest

It's clear that you look for and observe things that simply escape me when you plan your lighting.  I'd have to say that I develop a concept and then, using what I have on hand, rely on a bit of luck!  

I have looked at the sample images on your website and, not surprisingly, you are in a different league from me. There are some remarkable and beautiful samples and I will have to return to look again.  I have only done occasional portraits and lately, with our lockdown restrictions, I have tried still life/product photography to sustain my hobby interests.  The experiments can actually be fairly rewarding.

Placing the main light and fill light on the same side has become a favorite starting point for me on many occasions.  In that case I am often mixing the modifiers using a small softbox or a snoot or grid with the main light and a large umbrella for fill.  With a bit of "luck" the balance has given interesting results.

I'll be re-reading your remarks several times as well as the other replies to your thread. I hope we'll see more.

Thanks again.

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