Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

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Re: Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

WryCuda wrote:

Dweeble wrote:

PS Current plan is to keep existing PC running for non-photographic tasks.

Have you considered some modest upgrades to your PC, such extra RAM and/or SSD boot disk?

Your old PC is mostly likely not capable of NVMe, so replacing the hard drive with SATA type SSD will help a lot with many tasks, although perhaps not Capture NX-D.

If you can use your friend's borrowed tablet to cull photos when out of the house, that will avoid spending on a laptop.

Does that mean the new one could be Linux based? Does that open up other possibilties?

I wouldn't open that particular can of worms if I were you.

I strongly recommend trying Darktable for NEF conversion. It seems to work really well for me, though I convert far more Fujifilm RAF files with it.

If Darktable works for you, it sounds like you can replace Windows with Linux for an additional performance boost. GIMP runs fast on Linux.

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