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toomanycanons wrote:

Beg to differ. Saying "doesn't produce files anywhere as good as full frame" is just plain misleading and wrong. I own a D7500 and many full frame bodies and the D7500's files are very similar.

All else being equal...the D7500 images will always be a stop nosier than the FF counterpart. D7500 will reach diffraction limit sooner than the FF counter part. The FF body will have a higher DR potential. FF gives you more control over the depth of field. The equal full frame systems will perform better when the light is weak. A full frame lens/camera combination is also more suitable for wide-angle shots, which is relevant for architectural, landscape or product photography. FF gives one a viewfinder advantage

There are certainly some advantages with APS-c. Cheaper, smaller, and at low sensitivity settings the smaller pixel size of APS-C sized sensors could actually enable you to capture more fine detail...but that advantage can be negated (to a degree) if one is able to get closer with FF.

"near as good as"... is by definition subjective.  How valid it is depends to a large extent on practical use.  No perfect camera.

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