Usability of Zone Focusing

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Re: Usability of Zone Focusing

Gurusathiy wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Gurusathiy wrote:

You have marked this reply as answering your question but it doesn't really do that satisfactorily.

I marked this as answer since I thought in focus objects will be sharp:-O

At the basic level then yes - things that are in focus will be sharp. But your original question was about how to get things sharp enough even when they aren't in focus. I know you didn't put the question that way but it's the only way the topic can be considered.

Going a bit deeper, it's actually possible for things to be in focus and not sharp. One way this can happen is that there are special lenses made for portrait photography that are deliberately made so they can never be perfectly sharp; this gives a soft, ethereal look that some people value. Another way is when the lens is stopped down so far that diffraction softens the whole picture.

So it's possible to  be in focus and sharp, in focus and soft, out of focus but look sharp, out of focus and soft.

It wouldn't be in focus (according to the scale focus is at about 10'); it would be slightly out of focus but acceptably sharp. "Focus" and "sharpness" are different things; it doesn't help a beginner to confuse them.

The whole point about DOF is that things can look sharp (that is, they are "acceptably" sharp) even when they are slightly out of focus. DOF is the range of distances about the distance where things are in focus that things look sharp. To set the desired DOF one needs to know that distance: moving the focus distance moves the DOF.

Thanks for bringing more clarity!!!

Guru raj

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