EM-10 Mk.4 Initial Impressions

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EM-10 Mk.4 Initial Impressions

I bought a 10.4 because I got a very good deal that turned out to be a pricing error that Amazon honored. Got the body and 14-42EZ for $499.

I've only had it for about a week, and it's been cloudy/rainy for much of that. But I've played around with it a bit and these are some of my initial impressions.

The body feels good in the hand, I think the revised grip is a good fit. I had the removable grip for the 10.2, and while it was definitely an improvement, I never found it genuinely comfortable. I've used the 10.4 with the 14-150 and a wrist strap, basically just holding the camera while walking and the wrist strap as a safety mechanism. It was comfortable. Shooting with the zoom felt good as well, it didn't feel awkward or unbalanced. I probably wouldn't say the same with the 40-150mm Pro.

While it definitely feels "plastic," it feels solid/rigid.

I like the design of the flip-down screen. Unlike the E-PL series, you don't have to pull down to release the screen, it just flips down like the previous version, but it will continue through 180° for "selfie-mode."

I'm not very familiar yet with the revised menus and user interface elements. It seems like most of what I'm used to is present, but not all of it. There's no option for assigning the L-button on lenses, at least it didn't appear with the 12-50EZ mounted.

I tried the sweep-panorama mode that many people seem to prefer. I wasn't especially impressed. It looks good on the screen, but on close inspection there are a lot of ghosts and artifacts. It may require better technique on my part, and it's probably good enough for posting on social media.

As others have reported, I can confirm that although it has four-contacts on the hot-shoe, the FL-LM3 doesn't work. That's a genuine disappointment.

All in all, I think it's a nice entry-level OM-D. I've included a few images, they're not "art," I wasn't paying a lot of attention to technique and they were just taken for fun to help get acquainted with the camera. I'm sure it's capable of far better than what I'm posting here.

Edited this in Photos

This was the next frame, SOOC.

Snowy Egret with a crayfish. I think I may have had the digital teleconverter on.

Pretty sure this was with 2x DTC.

2x DTC definitely on.

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