Choose the best stock footage and travel camera?

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Re: Choose the best stock footage and travel camera?

nuwanz wrote:

Hello Experts, I need your help to choose the best camera.

01. Purpose

- Stock footage

- Documentary

- Travel Vlogs

02. Cameras

- GH5 ( got an amazing deal with Leica lens)

- A7 iii

- a6600

- Fz2500 (Panasonic bridge camera)

What will be the best camera you suggest for a beginner?

Or any other cameras not on the list?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

Honestly, it depends on how much money matters to you. If you are willing to spend ~$2,000 on a camera body and extra on lenses, it is hard to complain about new full frame cameras like the A7iii.

There are older models and crop sensor cameras that can likely meet your requirements at a much lower price. For instance, you could go with an older APS-C camera body and spend the money on lenses that are full frame comparable, providing an upgrade path later. Sony also has older full frame models that can be purchased for lower price, but there are downsides.

Edit: I am not necessarily advocating for Sony. There are lots of good brands out there.

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