Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

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Re: Laptop with external HDD as a super-budget solution.....???

Dweeble wrote:

Hi, I'm going to sound very dim and amateurish indeed but here's where I am:

Currently run a PC bought 6 years ago. I asked for basic but robust build and it is certainly both My workflow is a mainly a mix of Capture Nx-D, GIMP and irfanview.

It can cope, but Nx-D is dreadfully sluggish. It certainly hasn't got the guts to think about stuff like Gigapixel, and is running out of storage. Have looked at putting new CPU in and the motherboard isn't up to it.

I've always thought PCs more robust than laptops, but it would be nice to be able to upload pix when out at events.

Budget is as tight as you like. Think of a thin razor and halve it

Does a super-cheap s/hand laptop exist with a SIM card (for mobile upload, also 4G is way faster than broadband here until we get fibre), a punchy enough CPU (??) to run the editing progammes accceptably fast and add more, and the ability to plug in a seperate hard disk for storage?

Monitor quality not an issue as I guess I can plug it into my existing monitor which is a surprisingly good Dell.

Ideas, suggestions, alternative approaches? No need for it to be the whizziest, given I shoot with D3S/D300 so only 12MP files.....thats my general approach, to be happy with top quality kit from a generation or so back.....

Please make any replies intelligible to a tech illiterate

PS Current plan is to keep exisiting PC running for non-photographic tasks. Does that mean the new one could be Linux based? Does that open up other possibilties?

Laptops are a bit slower than desktops of the same generation.  The combination of going used and low end may get you where you are today.  A SIM card is a premium option and much less common and will drive the cost of the laptop up.  Better to tether to your phone via USB or using your phone as a WiFi hot spot.


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