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i got GAS and cant decide....

135 GM or Sigma 35/1.2

what would you do.....

that's a tough one... 7-8 years ago, I would have said 135mm F1.8 hands down because back then... I LOVED the Zeiss 135mm F1.8 on A-mount... But while I "DID" recently picked up the GM 135 (because of an offer from Sony for retail employees that I couldn't pass on), my taste and style have changed... and I would take the Sigma 35mm F1.2 ART if there was a deal like what I got from Sony. I've only tried using the GM 135 once on a photoshoot... and it didn't last long before switching back to the 55mm F1.8 or GM85 because I had to be back up sooooo far from the model that I was yelling just to communicate with her. (it was for full body shots)

Under the current conditions the extra working distance could be considered an advantage.

True. Just hope this situation will be temporary....although it still will take a long time before anything changes for the best, I' m afraid.

I would really love to get the 135mm GM, but I'm afraid this fl is too long for me. I once used the Zuiko 75mm f1.8. Spectacular lens, but 150mm fl on FF definitely was too long for my usage. 135mm will be a little better ofcourse, but I could also wait for a 85mm GM version 2 (with specs like the 135mm GM)....well....that could be a very long wait. So...maybe 135mm f1.8 after all

Choosing between 35mm and 135mm is simple....(like I said before in this thread)...100% 135mm GM.

One other lens is very close to GM 135.

It is Sigma 85 1.4 DN.

I was in doubt to write so but, after testing, I'm quite sure of my feeling.

There are two items which are not perfect: distortion and vignetting.

While the second is quite common in all fast lenses the first is quite unusual for 85mm mainly because it is pincushion.

I believe this is a design decision to keep dimensions and price reasonable.

Both can be easily corrected via software.

Agree. People get too tied to the GM glass.

For a good reason they get tied...superb glass. Agree, that getting too tied isn’t good.

The Sigma 85 is pretty damn good. The test I saw showed it was sharper than the Zeiss Otus 85 which is a pretty impressive achievement.

That’s VERY impressive! But then there’s more than sharpness alone, as you certainly know.

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