Canon EOS R. What a remarkable camera.

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Canon EOS R. What a remarkable camera.

I am really late to the mirrorless world. I tried them briefly but just did not like the EVF. I personally found them hard to get used to. So I did not bother and just stuck with 5d4s. I have two 5d’s that I use for professional work.

Yesterday got a loan of a R for the day to go to a major sporting event as a fan. ( we are lucky enough to be able to do that in these challenging times) . I spent the morning watching YouTube tutorials and fiddling around with it setting it up best I could to represent how I usually shoot. Things like minimum shutter speed in AV mode , focusing options etc etc. I thought it would be interesting to try it in the real world.

holy **** it’s a good camera. Again I know that I am years late to the party but the eye tracking is amazing. To raise the camera and for it to pick out an eye/face is so awesome it is like cheating. I stood with my friends set it to 5.6 handed the camera to a trustworthy looking stranger, told them them to use the back screen like a phone and bang.... dead on. I took some selfies  with my daughter and again .... super easy. Got the files into the computer today and it is seamless with my 5d4 files which makes sense as I understand it is pretty much the same sensor.

Now it’s got me thinking I should switch systems. I am full time and own a commercial studio. In two weeks I have a job for education where I am photographing 124 families over 3 days, I am thinking that that eye focus would be rad for that sort of work. Just frame up and let the camera do the heavy lifting.

The only knock on the R I can see is it feels less responsive between shots. There just seems to be this slight “lag” in how  quickly you can fire off shots. Also to flog a dead horse 1 card slot makes me itchy for event work. I know I know that the risks can be minimised , but I do not want to change my work flow ( I do things like separating the sets of cards into two locations after an event along with the usual backup procedures after events)

R6 looks awesome but I have gotten used to 50% more megapixels , plus I do a lot of big printing and the R5 looks a bit overkill in terms of file size and specs.... I just do not need that much size, speed and video specs.

Anyway... I am suprised how really great the EOSR is and not quite sure why it got so much hate. It seems like a fine fine camera to me.

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