Feel i'm missing my old 17-50 f2.8 lens a bit

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Feel i'm missing my old 17-50 f2.8 lens a bit


I sold my sigma 17-50 f2.8 lens with other Canon lenses, before buying my fringer adaptor, believing the XF18-55 would be a sufficient replacement. I'm beginning to realise i think i do miss it a bit. It was very sharp, good range, and the f/2.8 aspect at 35-50mm was very useful indeed. I could buy a cheap used one, but my one huge annoyance was the lens flare. Shooting in to the sun, even slightly or in low sun, resulted in soul destroying lens flare.

I recently made a thread about wanting to try a prime lens, and it was suggested that perhaps i'm a zoom guy, which is why i couldnt choose one! Fuji reckon the XF16-55 is a bag of primes. Seems to be rated very highly.

I had a few questions about this lens though:

- Autofocus: Does it AF quickly? I find with my 18-55 its tough to keep up with things like the dog and family. Definitely some user error here, but i read the 18-55 may not the fastest AF lens in the world? My adapted Canon Ef-s 55-250 seems to AF quicker.

-IQ: Is it really like a bag of primes? I like the 18-55 lens overall, but i notice looking back that my sigma 17-50 was definitely crisper and rendered a bit nicer.

- Lack of OIS is my main concern, which my Sigma had. But i've noticed, the Canon aperture priority mode never utilised the OS actually. Looking at my 50mm shots, they are always 1/80th or so in AV. I very very rarely manually reduced the shutter speed to use this feature.  Do you believe the OS helps though even at higher shutter speeds to keep things still?   I guess the other thing would be that eventually one day all the Fuji bodies will have IBIS, so one day this will be a moot issue.

- Lens flare: is it well controlled on the 16-55?

-  Is it as sharp wide open like the Sigma was? I enjoyed shooting at 50mm f/2.8, little bit of subject isolation!

I wanted a compact setup with Fuji (which i have when i want it, XT30,18-55). But i've realised I miss my 17-50, and theres no way to beat physics and get the extra light without gaining size. The 16-55 is bigger and heavier than the sigma, BUT, with adaptor, it kind of evens out.


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