Worth Selling Or Using My D5200 For My Shortfilm?

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Worth Selling Or Using My D5200 For My Shortfilm?

So I've head out shooting with my D5200 with the kit 18 - 55mm lens and captured some nice disappointment. I'm finding now with scrolling through this forum website that at least this combination of equipment is prone to soft video imagery as well as still image. I'm already aware DSLR's are not advisable for video content and how prime lens can redeem that shortcoming, but I want to get some opinions before I spend any money.

It's my aim to become a cinematographer so it's my intention to practice capturing critical sharpness accurately now. So it's appealing to get this prime lens for the sharpness it's known for but I'm unsure if the D5200 might influence the exposure badly or whether it's just my kit lens causing the dogs breakfast I'm finding in my SD card.

So if somebody could help me figure out how to satisfy these following needs, that would be fabulous.  The main distinction I'm looking for is whether I should sell my D5200 and buy new equipment or buy new lenses for it.

My budget is $2000.

1. I need lenses capable of around about 11mm, 35mm and optionally 200mm. I have a lens capable of 200mm but if you guys disapprove of use of the d5200 all together for my circumstances, then I'll need a new 200mm lens for the new camera you suggest.

2. I need to capture video that doesn't suffer a noticeable amount of softness or weird in-camera sharpness effect, like the artificial 'image sharpening' with these d5200's. I'm not expecting high-end sharpness on a budget but I can't make a film with the softness of this camera.

3. Interested in shooting log but I'm I have a novice understanding currently as I just briefly studied the concept. The article I read on it mentioned that log is more available on prosumer grade cameras. Is it doable with my budget?

So do I need to buy a new camera completely? Or could I just buy a prime lens and a fish-eye lens and expect to capture some decent, sharp images with the d5200 body?

Thank you if you take the time to reply.

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