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Re: Lens-body combos out and about

dmokn wrote:

Curious if others have one smaller body and one larger body and tend to use different sized lenses accordingly.

Background: I've had a GX7 forever and added a G85 recently. After the addition, I found that my two most used lenses have been the kit 12-60 and the 20 1.7ii. But I've found that if I'm grabbing my camera to go somewhere, I usually just choose between the G85 with 12-60 or the GX7 with the 20, as opposed to throwing the 20 onto the G85, for example. The lens sizes just seem to match the bodies better -- like the 20 helps the GX7 kit remain tiny but doesn't help the G85 become pocketable, for example. And my "bigger" lenses feel better balanced on the G85, which has the nicer viewfinder, etc.

There's no right answer here; I was just wondering if other folks function that way or if you tend to use one cam and swap out lenses regardless of size considerations.

Isn't what everybody does, choosing the larger body to mount the larger (usually zoom) lens?  Or choosing the body and lens combination that are more compatible for the intended use case, or equivalent level of performance?  I bought the tiniest Olympus lens a few days ago, and as yet, I haven't mounted it on any of my Olympus camera (E-M5 III or E-M5), because I am enjoying so much on the Panasonic GX9. Check this out, if you want to know more and see photos.


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