How Olympus Tricked Me, and why I let it go.

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Re: How Olympus Tricked Me, and why I let it go.

Jan Chelminski wrote:

So, a ‘full disclosure’ item...

Back at the beginning of 4/3 Olympus talked lots of ‘Telecentric’ talk. And they did, walk the ‘Telecentric Walk’ (as do I, btw, but I digress) in all fairness...To a fault.

This has, of course, been talked about to death, but I have just a few comments.

Around the time the E-620 was introduced, I described it a ‘grand slam’ here, but was privately a bit bothered.

Why couldn’t Olympus make this body in A1 form (use metal, or otherwise top grade build), instead of building the (to me) big E-3? The reason was the big, Telecentric SHG lenses,

The large lenses were only part of the reason, the other reasons were a) the large pentaprism required for such a large reflex viewfinder image, b) new shutter and IBIS (at that point in time, more space needed including for electronics), c) larger battery, d) extra controls, e) to accommodate large vertical grip, e) stuff I forgot.

but this led to another thought:

Why doesn’t Olympus release a line of compact prime optics with ‘relaxed telecentricity”?

μ4/3 is in fact a design with reduced telecentricity, look at the difference in flange to sensor plane between the two formats, the 4/3 lens adapters are another clue, and then there are the relaxed geometric distortion lens designs for μ4/3 requiring software in-body (and RAW processor) software correction which many here have complained about (or, at least that is part of the reason for software geometric correction).

These would be small and reasonably fast and bright.

What surprises me a bit today, Olympus could have done so in m4/3 very well once again, but failed to do so in a deliberate manner.

So yes, I was fooled by Olympus. The ‘T-C’ factor of lenses has a relation to performance at the edges and corners, etc, but the applied life of photography/optics does not need to revolve around this characteristic, far from it!

So, it is a bit annoying, in all honesty.

But I like this new, small 4:3 format, and the design and features of the new cameras. I am simply shifting back to older lenses, on various optical or simple adapters. Bye, 1X and big AF lenses. Hello, my old Zuiko’s, oh, how I have missed thee!


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