Choose the best stock footage and travel camera?

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Re: Choose the best stock footage and travel camera?

nuwanz wrote:

Hello Experts, I need your help to choose the best camera.

Not an expert, to the best might be a hobbyist at most having 40+ years of experience on camera from full manual to recent digital cameras...

IMHO the most important factor to consider will be:

  1. the cost;
  2. your physical condition (size and weight of gear) as well as would you shoot alone most of the time or if not, who will always alongside with you (has interest on shooting too?);
  3. what will you shoot most?
  4. how will you use your output? 

1) The cost, easy to understand.

2) I am over 60 and am overweight, wishing not to limit to one or two lens and have to prepare to walk for hours every shooting session under whatsoever weather condition... Therefore size and weight is my highest priority. How about you?

Also if you are not shooting alone, you might have to consider those besides you and hence you might have more restriction e.g. less time to shoot, more difficult to swap lenses etc. Hence, an all-in-one lens solution could be easier for you (e.g. the FZ2500 or use a superzoom lens on interchangeable lens camera).

3) If you have main interest on portrait shooting, shallow DoF (background separation) could be essential to you. You would be happier with a larger size sensor system (in your list A7III {full frame sensor} > A6600 {APSC sensor} > GH5 {M43 sensor} > FZ2500 {1" sensor}).

If you shoot under low lighting conditions a lot, you might need to use higher ISO. A bigger size sensor camera could benefit you on the noise department (FF : APSC : M43 : 1" = 3stops : 2stop : 1stop : 0stops).

If you shoot fast moving targets (Birds in Flight, wide life, sport, running dogs/kids etc) a lot, you need a good AF tracking auto focus system. A camera has OSPDAF system (On sensor Phase Detect Auto Focus) could be more efficient than a CDAF system (Contrast Detect Auto Focus). Currently, Panasonic uses CDAF (+DFD, a software alternative to OSPDAF) so, the two Sony in your list might be better.

For other more general shooting, the CDAF + DFD of Panasonic actually is not weaker than any other system in the market.

If you will shoot 4K video a lot, then might have to look into the possible overheating issue of Sony models. Panasonic can handle overheating well.

4) if you will not print hard copy large, likely the difference could be minimal. Generally the 20Mp image from Panasonic camera can be print @300ppi to 17" x 13". Would it be big enough for you?

01. Purpose

- Stock footage

- Documentary

- Travel Vlogs

02. Cameras

- GH5 ( got an amazing deal with Leica lens)

- A7 iii

- a6600

- Fz2500 (Panasonic bridge camera)

What will be the best camera you suggest for a beginner?

Or any other cameras not on the list?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

But on general, I might not suggest new shooter to start with a pro class camera. Usually a pro/flagship class camera would means less automatic, more feature for specific usage and some would need higher technique to master them. As what I always said, if we are not experience enough we might not play the tool but played by the tool. I might look for a lower spec model, easier to handle and in the meantime has the rooms to learn. We can always move onto more advance model later.

If you are not looking for the pro video spec of GH5, the G9 could be a better option to you. G9 has a better stabilization system, best AF of Panasonic, and its video is also very powerful despite it is a still centric model. The wonderful of Panasonic is that from flagship model (GH5 is the video flagship, G9 is the still flagship) to its entry class model (the GF9/GF10), their class classification is mainly ion ergonomic, amount of physical control, feature set, processing power etc but on IQ, they are quite close...

However, I would suggest you to take a look at the G95 (an economy line of GH5), which is an advanced enough model allowing ample room to growth, or the G100, which is an entry class model but is vlogging centric if vlogging/video is you main aim. GH5 or G9 might not be the most fit model to you.

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