R6 vs R ISO scale

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Re: R6 vs R ISO scale

prospects wrote:

Is it just me or the the R6 underexposes the picture by around a stop compared to the R at the same ISO (with the same SS and aperture).

Did Canon just pull a Fuji? While the R6 has generally lesser noise in high ISO files, the noise levels at the certain setting may seem to be cleaner than the R, but actually it is due to the under exposure (which people might not notice at first glance).

Haven't used the R, but my R6 exposes the pictures just fine (at least the JPEG files are normal). There are people reporting older LR versions would open the CR3 from R5/R6 as 1-2 stops lower the actual value, so could be related to your case. Try (1) update your LR / Camera raw then import them again, or (2) use DPP to process some images to see if they are still underexposed, and (3) inspect your JPEGs to see if the symptoms still show.

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