How do you think, when lighting?

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Re: How do you think, when lighting?

What a lovely thought prompt. I recall your thread on creating daylight in studio - probably one of the best threads here, ever. Let’s hope this reaches similar heights

Two things spring to mind for me:

I’m a far more intuitive lighter now. I lead with feelings and follow with technique. This has been an uphill battle but I feel I’m finally there, and emphasis on feel. A lot of it is considering what light suits the subject and feels parallel to intent and going from there.
The other thing I’d say is, similar to you, and borrowing a phrase from cinematography, I light spaces, then faces. I’ll often put paper up and adjust ISO, lighting, v flats, to get an even representation of the tone I want it to present. With that in place I’ll then fly the key light in and adjust to taste.

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