GPU USELESS For Lightroom Classic!

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UPDATE: The Ryzen seems to be okay

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Igot me two 1TB M.2 fast SSD.

Two separate 1TB sticks hasn't impressed me that much at the moment when transferring hundreds of files from folders to folders. But I will say that the import/export process is for sure a LOT faster than my previous i7-6700 and in task manager I do see that for certain things that I do the system uses the hard drive and RAM a lot.


I'm wondering. When you say import/export process is a LOT faster than your previous i7-6700, are you just using the i7-6700 as a reference to that computer?

Correct. Just to give you an example, my previous system would not import 1900 RAW photos in one minute and fourty seconds.

Or are you attributing the lot faster import/export speed to the difference between your AMD CPU vs the Intel i7-6700?

Isn't that the same thing as above?

Seems to me that import/export speed is a function of the storage device (in your case two 1TB M.2 SSDs) and that the CPU has little to do with import/export speed.

From what I'ms seeing is both. CPU AND storage are very active when I check task manager.

The really weird thing I'm experiencing right now and I don't know what the hell is going on, is that transferring files from file to file, even within the same M.2 C: drive is really slow man. Something is not right and I need to find what the issue is. The Ryzen 3900X us supposed to be a lot faster than my previous CPU and the M.2 is double the speed so I'm scratching my heat at this point.

Could you be a little bit more specific.

Sure edispics.

Sorry I was referring to file explorer files.  Well I have been messing around with 1900 16MP Fuji RAW files and I've been playing with both jpeg and RAW files.

This is the update:  I literately went to go bring (borrow) the i7-6700K PC that I gave my sister and just did some really simple and basic file transfer stuff, in File Explorer.  Well, in the end it looks like the AMD is still faster, but with this application it doesn't make a huge difference in speed.  Those same 1900 RAW files took 2:07 minutes.  The new Ryzen system took 1:43.

I guess (in my mind) for some reason it felt like the older PC was doing this a bit faster, but I guess is not after all.  And from what I am learning here is that the hardware we all have is very dependent on the software that we are running when it comes to speed performance.

But for sure during Lightroom import/export the new Ryzen is smoking my previous system.  1900 RAW files loaded in 1:40 seconds, I had never seen that before and I would usually go watch a TV show or make some coffee during importing.   So I guess in the end I am satisfied.

In the end, I kind of already knew that this new hardware of more capable than the software itself, and I guess that was one of the main reasons to buy something a little more "advanced" to give me a little "future proof" head room and hopefully in the very near future more software copanies such as Lightroom will continue to innovate by making their software a lot faster because in the end Lightoom does suck when it comes to speed compared to other software out there.

The fact that LR barely uses the GPU for only a handful of functions is IMHO very poor.

I understand you are copying files from one directory on your C: M,2 drive to another folder on that same drive. What types of files - photo files? - what is average size of each file? How many files? How long does it take to copy the files from one location to the other? Are you using Windows file explorer to perform the copy?

With this additional info others might be able to test their copy speeds in similar scenarios to see if you results are common or not.

You can also try running Crystal Disk Mark and compare your benchmarks to others

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