Thinking of selling up dSLR system for mobile

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Re: Thinking of selling up dSLR system for mobile

KiwiTux wrote:

I really enjoy my landscape, architecture, and travel photography. For 22 years, I have never *not* had a SLR or dSLR system.

I've got a young family now, and I find myself with little free time to pursue the hobby. I don't have the disposable income that I had pre-kids, and I don't expect that will change significantly in the next few years at least. And, COVID has really put a damper on travel plans of course. My 5DSR is primarily a family photo device now for social media sharing, and I get nagged when I don't get the photos dumped and uploaded fast enough. Finally, I know this is blasphemy, but the phone cameras are getting so good for simple sharing my wife is taking better photos than I can. My camera is invariably in the next room, or the wrong lens is on, or I forgot to charge a battery, etc.

I'm seriously thinking about selling up for now, and that makes me more than a little sad, but it might relieve some of the guilt as well. By the time I have the time and resources to really enjoy the hobby again, I'm afraid my 5DSR and L lenses will have lost much of their value, or become irrelevant (or both).

Are any parents at a similar crossroads, or have you been in the past? Are you changing with the times, or digging in and just trying harder to find enjoyment from the hobby with family demands?

Thanks for any thoughts, or words of wisdom.

(Note: I cross posted this in the Canon full frame forum as well to hopefully get some ideas from both sides of this. I hope that’s ok.)

The smartphone is the camera you always have with you, in each moment, for each opportunity but the day you decide to photograph something with an idea in mind than you will miss your dslr or mirrorless with all your lenses.

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