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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

I would have liked to have stuck with Lightroom to be honest, but it fails on too many counts for my purposes - the AppleTV app doesn't work at all for my setup (Adobe forum engineers confirmed it's not happy with the number of folders and albums I have, although Photos works just fine with the same setup),

Andy how do Lightroom or Photos interact with Apple TV ?...I have never thought of any connection between them.

Hi Mike,

Yes, as Tom says, the Apple TV has apps available to be able to display photos from both Apple Photos or Lightroom’s cloud service.

To expand, Lightroom is only available as an App on the later TV box, i.e. the HD or 4K versions (gen 4 with the App Store downloads available). The Photos viewer is available on older TV boxes too, I have an older (gen 3, with the fixed apps as supplied by Apple) box that still works fine with all the available apps on it, but you can’t install Lightroom.

You can also Screen Mirror or Airplay from an iOS/iPadOS device, so that works with Photos and Lightroom on any TV box that supports Airplay.

However, on my Gen4 HDTV box, Lightroom refuses to run at all, it does the spinney thing for ages then quits. I have a lot of folders and albums in my Lightroom setup, and Adobe confirmed that this is too much for the TV App to handle. They have been working on a fix for weeks now, but I’ve nope heard anything in response for a while.

The same setup works perfectly fine in the Photos app on all devices.


Thanks Andy and Tom,

I have only recently acquired a gen 4 ATV and hadn't really considered this use, but just gave it a go and it seemed to work very well, including Lightroom. No spinney thing. I have 79K photos and about 500 albums. Seems I got lucky or maybe the latest update fixed it.

I have over 4000 albums for 56,000 images, which they confirmed was too much (20 years of year/month/event folder/albums structure for digital photos + a few other levels for scanned photos and other stuff).

I only got my Gen4 ATV last year so I could use Lightroom with it, and never got it to work, albeit a couple of times but painfully slow.

However, Photos is working just fine right now, and I’m happy enough with the current setup, so it’s not such a dead loss after all, besides I also got a years free Apple TV+ with the iPad purchase :-), and there’s been one or two things of interest to watch.

I also find the other TV apps are more reliable than on my TV streaming box we have here (an external alternative to using a ‘Smart’ TV) - things like Netflix, NowTV, Amazon Prime, and the UK catchup apps all work very nicely.

Apple Photos only wanted to show my shared albums, not the rest of my library.

It only shows what you have in iCloud storage, if you’re using local ‘referenced’ files, or are not using iCloud Photos, they won’t appear anywhere else unless you use the Sharing Albums option (the old Stream thing has now been retired).

It is my iCloud Photos Library so there are 2100 photos in iCloud, but I do use it for shared albums and these are the only ones that show. It's irrelevant for me because I use Apple Photos as a notebook and a route to Lightroom, which would be the important one, but I still don't expect to use that much. Most photo viewing is via iPad when away visiting.

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