Am i misremembering things or did Godox make a device that tilts the R2 transmitter?

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Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins Regular Member • Posts: 338
A trigger with tilting, colour, touch-screen please!

Can we have a trigger with tilting, colour, touch-screen please, Mr Godox? I'd happily pay a premium for that.

The trigger unit is so important these days. It's the main user-interface, and I don't even touch the flash heads themselves now, apart from turning them on. Everything is done from the FlashPoint R2 ProII trigger.

I also have a Godox X2T trigger, mainly as a back-up spare, but also because it has a pass-through hot-shoe which is handy for experimentation, and a vertical screen for those occasions when I can't see the R2 ProII properly. Happens quite often in fact.

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