Cleaning a Nikon Z Series Sensor ...Urgent!

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Re: Cleaning a Nikon Z Series Sensor ...Urgent!

j_photo wrote:

Boudewijn van der Drift wrote:

NAG3LT wrote:

Doesn't the camera park and lock sensor anyway when IBIS is turned off or Camera is turned off normally?
Do you have any examples of difference in sensor degrees of freedom between a normal power down and the extreme steps of removing the battery and draining capacitors you've taken?

Someone in this forum said he felt his sensor move under wet cleaning. No heartbreak stories later,

I suppose that was with switch off, but no charge draining.

Luckily I had no specs in 5 Z(6+7) years. Will try to remember this untill the time comes.

Thanks OP.

I had to do a wet cleaning not too long ago. The sensor definitely did not move for me. Camera off of course.

OK, thanks, that is reassuring. If the sensor was freely floating around inside with the camera hanging on your shoulder and/or hitting something, there could be at least wear, and perhaps damage on the IBIS stuff  I do not switch off when I expect some more shots soon. So I expect that brake/parking even occurs when the camera goes into sleep mode,

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