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ken_in_nh wrote:

We have a Facebook Portal (our kid works there - it was a gift) that shows spouse's iphone photos when it's idle, not talking to the kid, which is almost always. I really enjoy seeing the photos, more than I ever expected.

Seeing photos on a screen is a different experience than seeing them on a print, and the Portal is different from my color calibrated photo monitor. Each is enjoyable in its own way.

On the notebook that I am using now - it is attached to a 24 inch Philips monitor that is calibrated and does display almost 100% sRGB gamut. When I power up in the mornings and wake it from sleep, the Windows display before I log in simply randomly slide shows anything from the last 20 years or so of our digital photography. Some surprises at times, "can't remember being there" or "forgot about that good one" often crosses my mind as I waste a little contemplation time before logging in.

But, being Windows - while the awake from sleep slideshow works fine, it will not run after logging in so I'm stuck with the same single frame from the metro train in Taiwan somewhere.........

Must change this one day, maybe today. Nope, tried and it's still stuck in the metro.

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