Just a lomography question.

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Re: The Best Way To Understand Lomography Is....

Hike Pics wrote:

.....just read through the "10 Golden Rules"...


Gawd, that annoys me. I've been following these "golden rules" for decades, long before the term "lomography" was coined. The repurposing of artistic techniques for commercial purposes is one of my pet peeves. That said, the "rules" are great advice.

Some might consider these "lomographs" -- no, they're just photographs, done with an ordinary (film) camera and lens, no fancy film, just a knowledge of the techniques that would get the effect and a willingness to be surprised:

If anyone cares, those were shot with a 35mm Pentax KX with a Pentax AF160 flash on daylight slide film, either Fujichrome 100 or Velvia. One second exposure with flash. If I could go back in time, I'd frame 'em a little differently.

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