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Doug Haag wrote:

I had a small one years ago. And if I ever buy another I will surely verify how it handles display sequencing if you want to run a slide show in a specific order.

Because my image titles were not in alphabetical order of my desired sequence (nor was the date they were taken) I renamed them to include a number sequence at the beginning of each image name (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) But the sequence of these images "forced" by my display (Hewlett Packard as I recall) was 1, followed by 10. Then 11, 12 and so on through 19, Only after 19 did image 2 appear. And of course it was followed by 20 and 21 etc. Thus, image number 3 was the 23rd image displayed.

Yep, I struck that with one frame (name unremembered) so now in the habit of organising via FastStone Viewer, then renumbering with a suitable sized prefix starting at 0010-filename, 0020-filename, 0030-filename, etc.. The 0020 etc allows me to come back later and insert, say, 0021-, and 0022- into the sequence without pain.

The sample 100 sized test upload set Vietnam in my gallery here that I never deleted was part of a one-off set for a frame that I left with the "00054 P1242916crop" name (as one example) as that was an early attempt before I decided that I needed to leave room for later insertions. I also now use "-" instead of " " (space) as a divider between prefix and filename.

The main idea being to have a naming sequence that works the same on all devices when organised by filename.

When I tried the same content on a USB stick in an older small TV it could only show the first 412 of the images as its filename buffer could not handle any more than that, later TVs did better.

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