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robgendreau wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Bobthearch wrote:

I can't see buying a digital photo frame or iPad when you can buy a 4k television for under $300.

Look at previous posts to understand why a photo frame and a television are not interchangeable products, and why photo frames don't need to be 4K. Also recognize that photo frames cost only a fraction of $300.

If you personally have no use for a photo frame, fine. It's understood that not everyone does.

I have a use for displaying pictures on a wall, a (real) desktop, a counter, a coffee table, and elsewhere. And sorry, I haven't changed my mind about NOT using a dedicated photo frame for that.

Why should I be interested in changing your mind? I'm not. I wasn't even talking to you.

If they weren't such a large fraction of $300 (like $200, or $300 for a Nix 13.3") I might reconsider.

I have no desire for you to reconsider. Do whatever you want. But I sure wouldn't pay anything near the prices you mentioned. I just bought a second-hand 15" frame for $50. My two 8" frames were purchased years ago, so they're basically free for me to continue using. If I wanted more of that size (although I don't) they'd cost maybe $20. I could (and still might) also try an old Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab A that have been sitting around here, but their screens are smaller and their aspect ratios are not what I prefer, so there isn't much motivation for that.

You're not me and I'm not you and neither of us is somebody else, so we all make different choices.

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