Has anyone moved from Fuji XT3 to a Z6?

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Re: Has anyone moved from Fuji XT3 to a Z6?

zurubi wrote:


Now, for the bad: the Z7 doesn't have a live RGB histogram nor blinkies for overexposed highlights! I got so used to using this on the Fuji bodies that I can't go back to shooting without that. Now I understand why I see so many photographers shoot and then look at their shots right after. I nail the exposure all the time with the Fuji bodies without the need to analyze the shot ( I use plural because I usually carry 2, and have used about 5 different types so far).

So, after this 1 week, I am still on the fence. I'll wait for detailed reviews on the Z7 II when it comes out. I hope they fix the lack of a live RGB histogram/blinkies.

Anyway, my quick 2c, maybe it can help you decide.

I just posted in a new thread (before reading this) venting my disappointment with the lack of "blinkies" on the Nikon's. I have currently a Fuji X-H1 and was interested in a Z6 (Z7) as a 2nd powerful hybrid (stills+video) body. Rented a Z7 with 24-70 f4 and 50 f1.8. Other than the high resolution, the difference in the image quality was not as high as I was expecting.

I own most of the main Fuji lenses, so the quality I'm getting from the zooms (16-55 or 50-140) and the primes (16, 23 and a Mitakon 35 f/0.95) is amazing and competes easily with the Nikon's (again comparing a 24mp vs a 45mp is tricky). The EVF on the Z7 is very nice (the one on X-H1 is no slouch either) but no blinkies  - which as zurubi - is something I use 99% of the time on my Fuji, and for me, that is a show-stopper.

Was hoping that Nikon fixed that in the new bodies (Z6 II/Z7 II) but from what I can find online, it doesn't look like it is happening.

As it stands now, I would get at some point a Fuji X-T4.

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