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Re: digital photo frames

softmarmotte wrote:

i haven't seen any mention of these on the fora

and i am sure there are going to be plenty of 'why do you want want one of those' sneers but does anyone have any recommendations ?

prefer 4:3 aspect and larger than 12 inch..


I had a small one years ago.  And if I ever buy another I will surely verify how it handles display sequencing if you want to run a slide show in a specific order.

Because my image titles were not in alphabetical order of my desired sequence (nor was the date they were taken) I renamed them to include a number sequence at the beginning of each image name (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.)  But the sequence of these images "forced" by my display (Hewlett Packard as I recall) was 1, followed by 10. Then 11, 12 and so on through 19,  Only after 19 did image 2 appear.  And of course it was followed by 20 and 21 etc.   Thus, image number 3 was the 23rd image displayed.

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