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robgendreau wrote:

softmarmotte wrote:

Andy873 wrote:

softmarmotte wrote:

i haven't seen any mention of these on the fora

and i am sure there are going to be plenty of 'why do you want want one of those' sneers but does anyone have any recommendations ?

prefer 4:3 aspect and larger than 12 inch..


Because those things have such horrible screens nobody would want to view any photos on them.

The only worthwhile digital photo frame is an used iPad, or a new iPad, if you can afford it.

thanks for the first sneer (check)

i think you better check the resolution of apple's not all you think

To respond to that sneer, I'd say unless you go back a very very long way all the displays have more resolution than say the first picture frame reviewed in the Tom's Guide article above, 1024 x 768.

And it's $200. For $100 more you can get a refurbished iPad at Best Buy with a 10.2" screen and FAR higher resolution. And so much more, including using it as a picture frame. You can get a Surface Go for $200 more.

Or go even cheaper; an Amazon Fire. Or probably some cheaper Android tablet with more resolution for LESS than the picture frame.

Or, if you want to go bigger, a TV. You can find 1080p TVs for less than the picture frame as well, that have the capability to play photos.

Not sneering, but pointing out that most use one or more of these solutions instead, hence there just isn't much market for the rather crippled picture frames. I have collected a couple of old iPads, and coincidentally the very first Gen 1 iPad, which does have the same resolution as that picture frame. It's 10 years old now. And still works as a decent picture display. The nice thing about the tablets is that guests can interact with them; not all frames have touch screens or even batteries. The iPad gets passed around among guests, or just sits there and runs a slide show. Great use for old gear my relatives were going to recycle.

I can't see buying a digital photo frame or iPad when you can buy a 4k television for under $300.

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