It would be nice if

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Re: It would be nice if

embie wrote:

JahnG wrote:

if challenge voters easily could give a short anonymous comment at the same time as they vote.

Very good idea but only if the comments allowed are constructive,


JahnG & eMBie,

You can do something like this yourself now. After the voting finished you can look at the challenge in the order you voted and can see the ones you thought were good and you can go and leave a message on the entry.

In particular I try to give a pat on the back to the ones that I thought were good but which placed badly. As well as enthusing about the picture I will try to help if I can see a reason why an entry might have done badly such as new entrants who leave their name on the entry or where it perhaps does not meet the theme very well and then I encourage them to wait for a more appropriate challenge.

I'd like it if someone did that for me.

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