D7500 iso noise

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Here's some high ISO samples from a recent road trip

I only chose these because they're representative of high ISO snapshots I took, not because they're works of art. Check the exif for ISO. On a side note, all of these are shot handheld and my D7500 plus 18-140 can get blur free shots at pretty darn slow shutter speeds (like 1/30 on the last shot)

These are SOOC jpegs with no noise reduction in-camera or any processing.  I checked the raws and they look the same, noise-wise

I also shot a series of shots of some cows in a field next to the campground early morning, starting at ISO 800 and up to ISO 51,200 and 3200 is reasonably as high as I would want to go (determined by checking the shots one after another Sure, 51,200 works in a pinch if you absolutely have to get the shot

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