Just a lomography question.

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Re: Just a lomography question.

Utradar wrote:

So yeah, was wondering what lomography actually means and what would be the correct time to say that I am shooting lomography, I found some decent articles online but I do have a specific question in mind. So as far as I can understand you can see lomography as two types:

Lomography by using analog cameras and vintage leneses and

Lomography as a a photography style, that emphasizes taking soft looking pictures with bright colors.

And as someone who doesn't use analog cameras but uses a lot of vintage lenses, can I be technically called a lomography photographer? That was my mine question, this of course isn't anything important, I was just asking out of curiosity.

As others have said Lomography is a company, that sell some nice films e.g. Lomography 800 ASA is nice, relatively cheap and fast, Lomochrome Metropolis is a fairly new film that’s had positive reviews and has a bleach bypass effect.  Lomography also sell cameras, mostly “cheap” plastic cameras, although they also do Instax cameras with possibly better lenses than the Fuji Instax.  Lomography is also an artistic movement (see the ten rules elsewhere ).

You can pick any of these - I predominantly use film cameras and use some Lomography  film, but I wouldn’t consider myself a “lomographer”.  Lomography as a movement does get a lot of stick but in keeping things relevant for new photographers it’s probably had a positive effect on film photography.  Digital photography could do with some equivalent to move people from their phones to cameras.  Digital cameras lack a USP over phones for the majority of phone users - whereas film is completely novel.

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