Usability of Zone Focusing

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Re: Usability of Zone Focusing

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Autonerd wrote:

Alternatively just use a tripod, A mode and f/22

Not with a crop sensor camera - the whole frame will be softened by diffraction so none of it will be very sharp. This is a typical resolution chart for a 1.5 crop sensor.

For this particular lens f/5.6 will give ample DOF for many situations and give twice the resolution of f/22.

focus to infinity, hit the self-timer, and you're good.

He is using a 28mm MF old Nikon, which if is even worse than the old 28mm AF-D Nikon I owned, sharpness degradation might no matter much, because there isn't much sharpness to begin with. Also, if sensor resolution is very low or using some low quality film, the impact in sharpness might be even harder to notice.

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