Exposure Compensation confusion??

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Re: Exposure Compensation confusion??

Barry Twycross wrote:

Auto-ISO is the complication here, when you're using M and Auto-ISO, you really are no longer in a manual mode, but a different semi-auto mode. So then you need EC to be able to use the semi-auto mode convincingly.

For me Auto ISO is not a complication at all but actually simplifies things.

I set the smallest f-number that will give me the DOF I want and the slowest shutter speed that meets my motion blur requirements without clipping important highlights.

I then let the camera set ISO where it thinks is appropriate.  In 99% of cases it sets an appropriate value.

If the image is still a little too dark for my liking I simply use EC to bump up the ISO.

For me, this is very simple and straight forward and not complicated at all.

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