Exposure Compensation confusion??

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Re: Exposure Compensation confusion??

Autonerd wrote:

I own several film cameras with EC dials and I believe the older ones actually changes the meter output, not the actual exposure.

If I understand what you're getting at, is there a difference? If the meter reads different, it'll cause a different exposure.

I just tried one of my film cameras, a Minolta XD11. The exposure compensation (lever, not dial) affects the meter reading in manual mode, so I'm assuming that's how it changes the A or S mode as well.

Most of these cams have only an aperture-priority mode and they would choose a slower shutter speed based on the output from the meter.

In S mode, it opens or closes the selected aperture to change the exposure, as you'd expect.

Alternatively, if you didn't have EC, you could just change the ISO setting.

I just put a roll of ISO 200 negative film through it, I set the ASA dial to 100 because I wanted denser negs. I've never actually used the EC lever on that camera.

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